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Host Your Own Oktoberfest



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Celebrate Oktoberfest on your home turf this year.

    SAN LUIS SAUSAGE COMPANY: They're based in Orange and they've got a bevy of juicy links. Check out at that Chicken Apple; that is fall, but fall that you can put inside a bun and slather with toppings and eat. Find more info on ordering and retail locations here.

    STEIN SET: While we do adore a tradition stein, complete with flip top and a regal coat of arms on the side, sometimes you just want to see the brew that's sitting in the vessel. Sur La Table has a set of four steins for $19.50. Bottoms up.

    BEER GLASS SPATEN: BevMo! says this is the exact size used in all those mega Oktoberfest tents around Munich; that's all we need to hear. We like the thumb-friendly contours dotting the glass. $8.99 via BevMo!



    DECORATIONS: Banners, cut-out steins, pretzels made of cardboard. You may not have your private Oktoberfest under a big tent, with an oompah band in one corner, but you can fest it up a bit. There are Party Citys across our city; find a location near you.

    OOMPAH MUSIC: Well, so. Maybe you can't have the whole band, but there are several sources for getting the tuba and classic hook-elbows-and-sing songs into your living room. Start here. Can you resist a CD entitled "Drink, Drink, Drink"?