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Jewelry You Can Color With



    Jewelry You Can Color With
    Timothy Liles
    Bored? Feeling creative? Start coloring with your Timothy Liles rings.

    TIMOTHY LILES CRAYON RINGS: You wear 'em. You color with 'em. You kind of marvel at 'em. We think you should slip one of these beauties on -- say, the orange -- and plunk down on a first date, and then start coloring. On the table cloth. If it is paper, of course. And then observe the look on Mr. Date's face. If he's laughing, happy, he's for you. Timothy Liles via The Future Perfect. $50 (set of 8)

    CELEBRATE WOODSTOCK... With soap. Which makes us smile. All the mud. The caked-on, danced-in dirt was part of the famous fest's charm. It's the concert's 40th anniversary this week, and Soaptopia is celebrating with a special nine-soap box. The names: Purple Haze, Electric Citrus Kool Test, Rose Patchouli. Smaller boxes available. Groovy. 9 soaps, $40, at Soaptopia

    EMOTICON DOUBLE OLD-FASHIONED GLASSES: There's the pro-emoticon camp, and those who could go forever without seeing another smiley face. Maybe these cocktail sippers will change their hard hearts? :) They're cute, and they'll give the drinker something to look at between sips/lulls in the conversation. ;) $38, at Uncommon Goods