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"Lost" Props, Costumes Hit the Auction Block

Everything but the smoke monster is up for sale.



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    "Lost," the easy-to-follow tale of time traveling plane crash victims, is finishing up its final season.

    After "Lost" wraps up its final season, some of its most iconic props, costumes and set pieces are hitting the auction block.

    Items up for grabs include Kate's toy plane, Hurley's winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket and Locke's hunting knife.

    An exact date and location have yet to be announced, but auction officials say it will happen this summer.

    "ABC is pleased to announce the 'LOST' Auction will take place after the series finale in May 2010," according to the auction's Facebook page.

    Although there is certainly something special about owning a piece of television history, not all items on the auction block are created equal. We would love to own Charlie's DS ring. Sawyer's copy of Watership Down? Um, not so much.

    Losties better start saving up now, because who knows how high some of these prices could go? This is an auction, after all. And if you don't have Charles Widmore-esque money, you can always visit the "Lost" merch page on ABC.com. A Richard Alpert bobblehead doll isn't exactly a must-have item, but at least it only costs $14.99.

    All "Lost" auction items have been posted on profilesinhistory.com.