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Make a Hat, Sew a Pretty Dress, Take Charge



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    Hands on 3rd
    A charming spot of do-it-yourself-ness. Hands-On 3rd bows on Third Street near La Cienega.

    So perhaps you're like us, watching a movie, and you see a frontier person churning butter or assembling a bonnet or weaving ribbons for a baby blanket or creating a full-on set of bowls, from mud, in under an hour. And you think, gosh, I can make a cup of tea. Maybe. If the bag is nearby. And the water is already boiling. And you silently long for more skills.

    If you are like us, and you have that feeling that you'd like to learn to create more good things, to work with your hands and make gifts and beautiful, much-needed items for your own everyday world, Hands-On 3rd is here to help. The new shop, which is located just a smidge from the Beverly Center, is all about teaching how to make cool crafts and art and objects and other "you do it" stuff. We love this, because, somewhere along the way, we meant to learn how to crochet and make sassy little vests, but we got distracted by various shiny objects and, well, life. But there's still time, and we want to learn.

    We swung by the shop a few weeks back and found it to be a sunny, happy, learn-y spot. The proprietors couldn't have been more charming and welcoming, and we felt certain we'd be crafting large, fancy hats or company-impressing tableclothery in no time. There's a full-on grand opening weekend celebration, going down May 1-3, and if you've got the crafting bug, and a longing to create, swing by and get your sew on. Hands-On 3rd, 8377 W. Third Street, Los Angeles. 323-655-0515