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Not Bored of Chalkboard



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    Off the Wall Expressions
    The vinyl chalkboard thought bubble, from Off the Wall Expressions.

    CHALK THOUGHTS: Place a little bubble over her chair. Now, yours. And every morning feel free to change out just what is being left unsaid at the breakfast table, on the couch, in the kitchen. Off the Wall Expressions makes the vinyl decals; they can be used with a traditional eraser, which we find charming. Two vinyl chalkboard bubbles, two pieces of chalk, $15

    JOHN BECK CHALKBOARD PENDANT: John Beck is an artist in Missouri. His creation is very much a conversation piece -- a lamp shade you can write on -- and functional as well. We've seen a lot of lamps in our time. This may be the first lighting implement we can write a love letter on. Via Green Depot, $175-$295

    TWO CHALKBOARD NECKLACES: The Chalkboard Pendant, $8, from spittintoad (just the pendant; no chain). We like the idea of constantly changing our piece of jewelry, via erasing/scribbling, throughout the day. And the Chalkboard Locket, $30, from stylesmith. In case your heart changes its mind, and you have a piece of chalk handy.