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Ruby Slippers (You Don't Wear on Your Feet)



    Ruby Slippers (You Don't Wear on Your Feet)
    We like photographer Leslie Sophia Lindell's take on the famous ruby slippers.

    RUBY SLIPPERS PHOTOGRAPH: Photographer Leslie Sophia Lindell's work enchants. We like the mysterious tales suggested by her images -- a diving board with no diver -- and we adore her take on the iconic ruby slippers. The stripey socks, the lush greenery. It's all downright storybookish. $30

    COSMETICS, MY PRETTY: Sally Hansen has a nice, dark-red polish called, you guessed it, Ruby Slipper; My Beauty Addiction has a Ruby Slipper mineral eyeshadow that looks perfectly dramatic; and Helena Rubenstein makes a Ruby Slippers lipstick. It's even SPF 10 (because sometimes it can get a bit bright on the yellow brick road).

    RUBY SLIPPERS TEE: There they are: large and sparkly and covering the better part of your torso. We think wearing this shirt says one thing about you, immediately, to everyone you pass. You're a person who has a taste for adventure. Oh, and maybe you're open to friendships with scarecrows, too. From Zazzle