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Skylight Books on TV

A favorite bookstore makes an ad.



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    Skylight Books
    Skylight Books has a brand new TV ad.

    Hot-air balloons, a screaming pitchman, some sort of dog in a dress. Dang if we don't love a local commercial, especially when it incorporates all three of those elements.

    But mostly we like any local commercial. Sometimes, in LA, we find 'em just the slightest bit slick -- don't you? -- but that's okay. We get why.

    Skylight Books, that bookish bastion of all that is good and right and write in Los Feliz, has just made its own ad. First, we like that they made the ad. We assume everybody knows all the good things here, but that is a wrong-headed assumption. We write a lot about LA, and we learn about new good things here at least thrice daily.

    And second, it is just a fun, bouncy commercial that is not slick in a sick, annoying way but not hokey and screaming-pitchman-y, either. See it here. Congrats, Skylight.

    Now, everyone proceed to Vermont at once and buy a book and read it, don't just put it on your shelf so all your friends are impressed. Yeah, we know.