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Slumber Inside a Tauntaun a la Luke Skywalker



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    When will this come in a size for the big "Star Wars" buff?

    Even if you haven't seen "Empire Strikes Back" for nearly three decades (hard to believe the intergalactically popular epic turns 30 soon), you remember the scene: Han Solo slicing open a furry, dead, mythical beast (with a lightsaber, of course) so that a nearly frozen Luke Skywalker would have a warm, steamy place to weather the cold. It was visceral, it was gross, it made kids (and their parents) recoil in delight. We also wanted a Tauntaun after that, but our parents never bought us one. Sigh.

    We like "Empire" and we well remember that scene and we didn't realize how cruelly Tauntaun-free our life had become until we spied a Tauntaun sleeping bag over at It's funny -- see, like Luke, you sleep *inside* the Tauntaun -- cinematic, and created expressly for wee "Star Wars" fans; we're hoping an adult version may be on the market soon. Sell those babies at Comic Con and we're predicting a mint will be made.

    This is LA. You know a movie fan, probably. You are a movie fan. You like slumber parties. You have a sense of humor. Maybe, even, you're a Tauntaun? We can see this product being popular with several sectors of society. Cue the "Empire" music...