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Smarty Books for Your Arty People

The Hammer's got a deal on through Dec. 5.



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    Hammer Museum
    The Hammer Museum Bookstore's annual holiday sale is on through Sunday, Dec. 5.

    What shopping day is it again?

    With Black Friday, and Buy Nothing Day, and Cyber Monday, and Browsing Wednesday, and Impulse-Buy Thursday, and Didn't Need That So Much Tuesday, and a half dozen other merch-related days swirling about, we just can't keep track. But we could remember a weeklong event at a favorite museum bookstore that has a discount attached. Oh for sure.

    Call it Go to the Hammer Museum Bookstore and Get 10 percent Off Your Purchase Week, just to be catchy.

    If you're a fan of the Westwood institution, of books, of art, of clever tomes and pamphletry filled with images galore, you already know about this annual money-saving hoo-ha. If you don't, it's a good deal from top to bottom, and an excellent place to get a jump on holiday gifts. And whether you've gone before, or not, know that you'll need this code to score your 10% off: HAMMER HOLIDAYS.

    There are lots of kids books to browse, we'll add. Not just big, heavy books about big, starry artists. Although those are nice, too.

    The Go to the Hammer Museum Bookstore and Get 10 percent Off Your Purchase Week lasts through Sunday, Dec. 5. If you happen to plan your visit on Thursday, Dec. 2, you'll get in free; the Hammer is always free on Thursday. Hammer, stop making us love you so much.