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Stripe-y Swimsuit, Plus Ruffle



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    Fables by Barrie
    Stripes, ruffles, yacht time: Bikini by Fables by Barrie

    FABLES BY BARRIE SWIMSUIT: It's the awning-like stripes that get us, the black-and-white starkness. The yellow is sunshine, The ruffle on the southern end helps keep things ever-so-slightly modest. You can bikini. Have you tried? The ruffle can help you get there... $45 at Fables by Barrie

    ANONYMOUS SIDEWALK SALE: Just started on August 1; should run for the better part of the week. Clothing of all sorts, denim-y finds, things to pick up for just a clutch of dollar bills. Yelp says a chunk of the items may land in the $10 to $15 range. That's a range that has a lot to like about it. On Venice Boulevard.

    ONLINE SAMPLE SALES: Courtesy of Shop Diary.Movado, Samantha's Closet, Tom Ford sunglasses and well over a few dozen are listed for August 3rd alone; perhaps your chosen brand(s) is on roster. Bagman Messenger Bags are on the list; should we all have a helpful messenger bag? Have a look.