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Things That Smell Like Apples



    Things That Smell Like Apples
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    Apples smells the most like apples, of course. But there are fragrances out there that pay homage to the cheery fruit.

    DKNY BE DELICIOUS: We like a product name that is asking us to do something, and we are more than happy to try to be delicious. Delicious like a juicy bit of grown-on-the-tree goodness, which this fragrance recalls in shape, look and smell-ability. There are also woodsy notes in addition to the apple, which feel fall-y, too. Via Sephora, $40 for 1 ounce

    MULLED CIDER: In case being redolent of the shiny red (or green) fruit isn't enough, there are hints of cinnamon and sweetness in this spray. Demeter, the company behind this fragrance, also makes Apple Pie, Apple Blossom... Eye 'em all. The Mulled Cider is $20 for 1 ounce.

    BERRY APPLE SORBET: It's described as having the scents of four fruits involved -- apple, of course, plus blackberry, strawberry and pear. Will you be hungry while wearing it? Will you make others near you hungry? A side benefit. From Wilde Ivy; $15