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Alligator-Laden Wristlet



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    Polkadots & Moonbeams
    A colorful little wristlet from Bungalow 360; snap-snap-snap it up...

    CANVAS WRISTLET: We like alligators, when they're splashing about some bayou, or snoozing in the sun. And when they are dotting a pert little bag, and not snapping at us, that is nice, too. We also like the word "wristlet"; find this $16.50 Bungalow 360 one via Polkadots & Moonbeams

    SEA? I TOLD YOU! Naming fancy paint colors was once a lofty dream of ours; now, we're looking into naming nail lacquers. This OPI color's moniker -- Sea? I Told You! -- contains not one but two forms of punctuation, and cheek, too. The color -- an ocean-y blue/gray -- is unusual, which is loverly. Find it, and other new summer '09 shades, at OPI.

    TERRY'S TOFFEE: Toffee fans are a devoted -- fiercely, famishedly devoted -- lot. Maybe more than any other candy lovers, save fans of the gummi worm (not trying to start fighting words/worms here). Terry's Toffee, out of Chicago, is gourmet, luscious, and can be found at the Cheese Store of Silverlake. Toffee, people.