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Amanda K. Lockrow Jewelry



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Amanda K. Lockrow
    Sassy little rings and things from designer Amanda K. Lockrow

    AMANDA K. LOCKROW RINGS AND NECKLACES: "Pert" is the perfect word for much of this designer's pretty baublets. We like the pieces that bear the face of a flapper-esque doll. The company is showing at the Renegade Craft Fair at California Market Center on July 11th-12th. (Cheers to Flavorpill on the Renegade rec; this looks like a big handmade-y hullabaloo).

    BANANA CHOCOLATE MUFFINS: Joan's on Third just sent out the Twitter bat-signal that these babies have been selling out each morning. Solution: The shop is making more. Banana, chocolate, Joan's on Third. You know this will be a really yummy baked good, no dipping in latte required.

    MARGATINI GLASSES: Finally -- finally! -- the marriage has happened. Someone has combined the concept of the martini glass with the margarita glass. They're colorful, they're stylish, they're squatter than a martini glass but with a copious bowl for liquid. And they're on sale at Sur La Table for $3.99 a pop.