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    Knock Knock
    Lipstick on Glass? Check. Find Bar Bingo at Knock Knock.

    BAR BINGO: On Mondays we need mirth, a crack of a smile, something with twinkle. Bar Bingo from Knock Knock has twinkle. Up to 12 can play and the various squares -- Frozen Drinks, Bathroom Line, Excess Cleavage -- keep players on the lookout while they imbibe at their favorite watering hole. $8

    ALINE DRESS: Trees on clothes -- it's a popular motif for a reason. It's just pretty, simple as that. We like the elegant hand-screened branches on this Aline dress we found at harrilu; it's almost as if a poplar has been photographed, from below, at night. Mystery. Starting at $40

    SAINT HONORE CAKE: Oh Susina. So many snacky little ovals of biscuity bliss. The plain macaroons. The chocolate macaroons. Yes. But we've been longing to try this multi-part gateau, which includes both vanilla sponge and profiteroles. More profiteroles, please. Susina Bakery & Cafe