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English Rose Ruffle Dress



    English Rose Ruffle Dress
    Summer has us in the mood for ruffles. This dress from Lirola has layers upon layers.

    RUFFLES ADD KERFUFFLE: You know kerfuffle. Your life is probably lacking in it. Excitement, drama. Us too. Okay, we all probably have all those things, too many of those things, but *good* kerfuffle comes with ruffles, and this dress from Lirola has plenty of those. The pearly gray color soothes, too. 

    HAPPY MINUTE: Happy Hour is grand, but the Happy Minute? Grand also, even at one-sixtieth as long. Every second counts, on other words. The Happy Minute at Cole's on Wednesday, July 15th features Hornitos shots on the pour for a buck. Oh, and that minute is... 6:30-6:31PM. See you downtown.

    THE ALEX KATZ BEACH TOWEL: Getting sand on it the first time may cause the briefest of grimaces; it is, after all, a towel depicting fine art, and it is from MOCA. Still, you'll have the coolest soft square at Zuma, or HB, or wherever it is you spread your stuff your lotions/magazines/floppy hats out.