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PB&J Best Friend Necklaces



    5 Falltacular Ways to Connect With Your Family
    A humorous spin on the traditional friendship necklace, at Etsy

    TASTY FRIENDSHIP NECKLACES: The fact that July 7th is National Strawberry Sundae Day was on our mind. Which made us think of strawberry jam. Which led us to these sassy little friendship necklaces on Etsy. Who'll be the peanut butter, who the jam? You have to decide with your pal. (Supply is limited, so if you like, get clicking.) $20

    HEATING UP DAYS TURN US TO ICE: Ah. Ice wine. So refreshing, so chilly, so reminiscent of wintery nights. We're wanting some now that it's July, and Wally's Wine has the glacially good stuff. The red hue of this Inniskillin Cabernet is downright sunset-y. $99

    THEY'RE BACK: The tres cool, tres plain, tres so-hip-we-probably-shouldn't-even-use-the-word-"tres"-in-front-of-it Echo Park Ducks t-shirt returns to Wacko. We like Echo Park, we like ducks; you do too, probably. And everyone can agree that a t-shirt is a nice thing to own. $13 (largest size more)