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Top Five Black Friday Brawls



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    From Rocky battling Ivan Drago to Earnest battling for summer camp, the American way's to fight for what you believe in. That's why we ain't afraid to slap a fool over a new Panasonic.

    Below, five of the most entertaining/depressing/no-really-entertaining videos of Black Friday shoppers throwing down the smack in the aisles.

    The holidays are coming. Be careful out there.

    1. Fighting Over an XBox
    Like a horde of undead Egyptian scarabs consuming Beni in The Mummy (what? totally a relevant simile), shoppers at Wal-Mart (it's always Wal-Mart!) swarm a pile of X-Boxes.

    2. Careful With the Merchandise!
    It's amazing that people who would spend their hard-earned cash on high-end items wouldn't be more careful.  Watch at 4:00 in this video, from a Wal-Mart store in Racine, Wis., as shoppers are less-than-careful with some new TVs.

    3. Clash Over Computers
    Remember when you were a kid and your parents were always telling you to share or "fight nice."  Some grown-ups ought to know better:

    4. Attack!!

    Like pirahnas attacking a wounded animal, these shoppers go into a frenzy over DVD players.  Be amused at about 1:10 into the video:


    5. Mad Rush
    This video isn't necessarily a brawl, but we've included it to remind you of all the competition you'll have if you do shop early Friday morning.  This throng of people comes to us from a Circuit City store in Delaware in 2006.  We especially like the woman sauntering in wearing her comforter.