Original Farmers Market

Show the Love as a Popular SoCal Sticker Shop Celebrates 30 Years

We're stuck on Sticker Planet, that kid-pleasing, adult-delighting decorative destination at the heart of the Original Farmers Market.

Adrienne Bresnahan

What to Know

  • Sticker Planet at the Original Farmers Market
  • Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Enjoy crafting projects, score free stickers, and savor celebratory treats

Coming across super-rad stickers after elementary school?

It's not always easy, though we adults do sometimes encounter an assortment of essential sticky-backed items, from "Hello My Name Is" badges at work functions to the all-important "I Voted" stickers on election days.

But many adults, like kids, adore those cheerful, decorative, and spirit-raising bits of sparkle and sweetness, the wee and whimsical shapes that can be quickly affixed to notebooks, water bottles, shirt collars, and just about any and every surface imaginable.

Stickers aren't simply used for a quick stick, of course; many artists and crafters use stickers in scrapbooking, collage, and an array of creative projects.

And in Southern California? A colorfully kaleidoscopic source for serious stickerdom has long been Sticker Planet, the small and spunky shop found near the center of the Original Farmers Market at Third Street and Fairfax Avenue.

Kids, including local children and those tots visiting the world-famous public market on vacation, have discovered the shop's rows of unspoolable sticker goodness, making Sticker Planet a wonderful Willy-Wonka-esque place, albeit a spot that features not confections but a vibrant variety of stickers. (Think gummy-backed decals rather than gummy candies.)

Now the family-owned enterprise is turning 30 years old with a playful party, one that involves free stickers, sticker crafts, and yummy sweets, too.

Eager to join the joyful doings? Stick this date on your calendar or affix it to your memory: Saturday, Oct. 1.

But wait: If you're a Sticker Planet fan but can't make the in-person Oct. 1 festivities, look for an online deal on Sunday, Oct. 2.

The celebratory savings? You'll score 30% off sticker sheets all day long.

Sticker-loving aficionados Bernie and Selma Kraft started Sticker Planet in 1992, and it has sold countless rainbows, kittens, hearts, flowers, and everything-else-that-can-be-a-sticker-es over three adorable decades.

Today, siblings Richard and Hilary Kraft are at the happy-making helm.

"Hearing how much we've meant to generations of our customers is enormously gratifying," shares Richard.

"It reminds us that our parents' vision of a place where everyone can feel creative still speaks to people in a powerful way."

The milestone moments will continue even after the first weekend of October wraps. The shop will keep the crafty fun afoot thanks to a free-to-join door hanger "make and take" activity, happening each Saturday morning for the rest of the year.

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