Signs Point to One Mammoth (Mountain) Auction

Attention skiers: The snowy destination's peak-topping summit sign is on the bidding block (yep, a new one just replaced it).

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What to Know

  • Original Mammoth Mountain Summit Sign
  • Bids accepted through Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 12 p.m.
  • Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation is the beneficiary

If you love a place, you likely long to hold onto a token, a reminder, a memento that says you were there, and you were happy there, too.

That might be a pressed flower for some people, or a photograph for others, or perhaps a shared memory that you and your pals frequently revisit over a pitcher and fries.

But if you are mad for Mammoth Mountain, and you've spent numerous days on its storied slopes, there's one take-home memento that's going to stand higher than pretty much every other souvenir from the Eastern Sierra ski destination.

It's the famous summit sign, the one that stood at over 11,000 feet for 21 years, give or take. It got snowed on, a lot, and mostly buried by the frosty stuff, also a lot, and copious amounts of wind and way-up-there weather took its toll.

That means that the resort took it down, due to "significant wear and tear," but prepare to be gladdened: The summit sign will be auctioned off, all to help the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation, "... which provides programs and financial aid for youth academics and athletics in the Eastern Sierra."

That's right: One lucky, high-bidding Mammoth Mountain maven will be the new keeper of a sign that long sat atop one of the Sierra Nevada's grandest peaks.

Not to mention, a sign that has appeared in thousands of photographs through the years, the mementos of skiers who reached the peak during their day out on the mountain.

Bidding for the fourteen-footer? It's open through 12 p.m. on Oct. 23, 2019.

Will you be the one to take home this mammoth Mammoth memory, one that long provided "...a photo opportunity for scenic gondola riders, hikers, families, and shredders alike"?

What stories the summit sign could tell, of cold winter nights and sunset-filled summers.

Might it be yours? The auction block is not located 11,053 up, but rather at this site here. 

As for what will replace the celebrated summit sign? Oh hey there: A brand-new sign was erected on Oct. 16, 2019. Long may it stand, through winters fierce and summers fair.

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