Sink a Sweet Tooth Into Milk Jar's Cookie of the Month Club

And, let's be honest, we can all agree that, now more than ever, it is Cookie Time.

Milk Jar Cookies

What to Know

  • Boxes of Cookies starting at $18
  • Cookie of the Month Club starting at $28
  • The shop at 5466 Wilshire Boulevard is open, but check the hours

Where exactly can you locate "Cookie Time," if you happen to be looking at a standard clock?

That was a trick question: It's always Cookie Time, regardless of where you are, what the time zone says, and if you're looking at a digital or analog timepiece.

On that we can all agree, especially in 2020, a year that has truly elevated the Simple Pleasures to Treasures Beyond Value.

If a well-made cookie has long been your simple pleasure, your toothsome temptation, and something you truly anticipate enjoying as you wade through your gotta-dos, consider this: LA's own Milk Jar Cookies has a couple of ways for your to sink your sweet tooth into your favorite treat while at home.

Ordering a box of cookies for delivery? That can happen, and it can happen wherever you happen to be in the nation. Choose a Custom Box, a Popular Assorted Box, a box filled with Gluten-Free goodies, or a Vegan Box.

Joining the Cookie of the Month Club? That's a club we'd like to be in, and it is made even nicer by the fact that there are two options.

You can go with a monthly subscription, where you'll receive a half dozen cookies for $28 a month, or choose a 3-Month Package, which gives you a sense of what it is like to know cookies will be delivered to your home on a regular basis.

That, surely, must be a warm feeling to carry inside through the sometimes challenging day-to-day.

Owner Courtney Cowan founded Milk Jar Cookies over seven years ago, and classics like chocolate chip as well as surprising seasonal flavors have both proven popular.

And here's something else that's sweet: If you'd rather go directly to your cookie, rather than having a cookie come to you, you can find Ms. Cowan's cookie-filled wonderland near the Miracle Mile, in the mid-city.

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