Sink Your Chompers Into a Free ‘Shark Week' Exhibit

The Paley Center for Media gives a sharky salute to the annual TV event's 30th anniversary.

What to Know

  • July 14-29, Wednesdays through Sundays
  • Free admission
  • The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills

All in all, there aren't too many reasons for heading indoors in the middle of summer.

Maybe your team is moving up, up, up at FIFA World Cup. Maybe it is hot as blazes out and you need to loll in the vicinity of a powerful fan.

Or, just perhaps, it is Shark Week, which means that the Discovery Channel will be delivering all sorts of beneath-the-waves, beyond-the-teeth television programs to intrigue, delight, and occasionally rattle you.

It's become a July-big, culture-wide phenomenon, one that has transcended the television set and entered the parlance of everyday conversation. Other themed TV weeks aspire to Shark Week's fandom, longevity, and killer reach, but few can claim to be king of that particular eye-attracting ocean.

And we do mean "longevity," by the way: Shark Week has been gliding through the waves of pop culture, and our minds and dreams, for three decades now.

But how to properly honor the 30th anniversary of "Shark Week"? Here's how: The Paley Center for Media will pay kingly tribute to this summer TV titan from July 14 through July 29 via a free experience that's swimming into the museum's Beverly Hills headquarters.

"Shark Week: 30 Years of Shark 'N' Awe! The Exhibit" will "dive in to three decades of jaw-dropping shark stories and groundbreaking scientific discoveries."

Pics, props, Shaquille O'Neal's wetsuit (from the recent promo campaign), and a cameo by the "Shark Week" mascot, Chompie Jr., are all on deck.

As are those all-important areas to take a sharky snapshot for your social outlets.

And if you're eager to watch all that "Shark Week" has to offer, on the television, like you have for the last 30 years?

That particular fin will break the water's surface beginning on July 22, with eight days of cool footage, nifty facts, and pros speaking about all aspects of those obsessed-over ocean denizens, the superstars of the deep.

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