Sink Your Chompers into a Spider Burger, in DTLA

The limited-time specialty, a soft-shell crab plus the fixings, is available at Nixo Patio Lounge.

What to Know

  • Nixo Patio Lounge through Oct. 31, 2018
  • Soft-shelled crab, guacamole, yuzu aioli, more
  • $18

Our arachnid friends?

They're out and about now, in several ways, at places like the National History Museum's Spider Pavilion, and in our shrubs and hedges, and, yes, on the store shelves, where plastic spiders are competing for our Halloween-decorating dollars alongside ghosts and vampires.

Spiders are not, however, featured in the fancy foodstuffs we're choosing to dine upon.

And yet?

If you strut into Nixo Patio Lounge at the Luxe City Center Hotel in the days ahead of Halloween 2018, and you ask for a seasonal dish that's only available for a limited time, you will, yes, have to involve the word "spider" when you order.

And yet?

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There are no spiders in the memorably monikered, very photographable Spider Burger, a just-introduced concoction at the DTLA restaurant. There, is however, a soft-shell crab, standing in, leggily, for the shape of a spider, and several other savory ingredients, too.

Those include guacamole, lending the whole filling dish a bit of Halloween-themed green, and yummy yuzu aioli, and pickled red onions, and a heap of watercress to help veg-out the legs-out meal.

The bun? It's brioche, a breadstuff which could aptly be described as being soft as a web.

The price for the Spider Burger? It's eighteen bucks, or ten more bucks than a spider has legs.

The final day for this not-so-fearsome foodstuff? Spider walk yourself to Nixo Patio Lounge soon, or at least through the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 31. 

Your next step? 

Best spin your web and catch any seafood-obsessed, Halloween-loving buds for a meal out downtown.

The Spider Burger may be snapshot-worthy, and tummy-filling, and piquant as all get-out, but also happens to be, take heart, 100% spider-free.

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