Sip Around Burbank's ‘Snowy' Winter Wine Walk

A Street Fair, a "snowfall," and other seasonal goings-on will fill DTB on the Saturday ahead of Thanksgiving.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 17
  • 4 to 7 p.m.
  • $50-$80

Here's a puzzler, in the tradition of those brain-twisty riddles we'd often read in joke books as kids, the sort of trickily worded questions that can cause any puzzle fan to scrunch up her nose in deep thought.

What city sees snow all the time, but actually never sees snow?

The more proper way to state that question is to put the first "snow" in quotes, of course, for Burbank, The Media Capital of the World, does actually experience quite a lot of the wintertime sight.

However, it is faux snow, artificial stuff that isn't cold in the least, and may be found piled up around the many TV show sets, and movie soundstages, that call the city home, all to evoke places that are, well, not Burbank.

But Burbank is about to see snowfall, or, um, we mean "snowfall," on Saturday, Nov. 17 when the Burbank Winter Wine Walk returns to the downtown area.

Indeed, this will also be faux snow, but, thanks to modern tech and sky-reaching machinery, the fake flakes won't be piled up on inside a movie studio soundstage, but rather will drift down from above.

Snow is predicted from 6:45 to 8 p.m., so set your watches, winter mavens.

The faux snowfall is but one charming aspect of this annual to-do, which also sees a large-scale Street Fair, in addition to the 21+ wine-tasting that goes on during the event.

If the vino end of things appeals to you, you'll want to buy a ticket before the party sells out. They run $50 to $80 and are available here, along with details.

Bonus for beer buffs: Breweries'll be part of the scene, in addition to wineries. And, yes, there is a map, leading you to the tasting spots, and you'll get your own tasting cup, too.

As far as the Street Fair, and snowfall, and the spirit-buoying entertainment and sights?

That's all free, and all ages, too.

There is snow in Burbank, or we mean "snow," at the studios and on soundstages, yes, but, sometimes, in DTB, too, if the holidays are on the way and the Burbank Winter Wine Walk is in full and festive flower.

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