Sip at a San Gabriel Brewery via a Virtual Crawl

Specifically, Ogopogo Brewing, with Pasadena Heritage as the host. There's still time to pick up your beer, too, if you'd like to join.


What to Know

  • Saturday, June 27 from 2 to 4 p.m.
  • Pasadena Heritage is the host; $10 (does not include beer)
  • Beer sold separately (pick-up is available at Ogopogo, or delivery within 15 miles)

Food and beverage events are famously plentiful and varied, with food festivals, cook-offs, baking classes, and numerous other ways to connect with cuisine and libations filling the packed calendars of foodies.

But the virtual tasting? That's been virtually undiscussed, and untried, before the spring of 2020.

Oh, for sure, people connected with other people located in faraway places, all to try various wines, beers, and spirits, as well as different foodstuffs, but the chance for so many of us to join so many different Zoom-ready events hadn't truly existed before 2020 arrived.

It does now, and Pasadena Heritage has been busily spotlighting local brewhouses as a way of both raising funds for the organization and letting foam fans know what IPAs and ales are made around the San Gabriel Valley.

All through our screens and virtually, of course, due to the #SaferatHome coronavirus response.

And on Saturday, June 27?

Pasadena Heritage's next at-home event will feature Ogopogo Brewing of San Gabriel.

The 2 to 4 p.m. event is $10, but you'll need to buy your beer separately, either at a shop that sells Ogopogo or the brewery itself (delivery is available if you live within 15 miles).

"Join expert beer brewer and Co-Owner of Ogopogo Brewing Co. Jason De La Torre and Pasadena Heritage docents for a live beer tasting and pub trivia! Delight in a delicious beer tasting and immerse yourself in local history," is the summary of the suds-and-stories celebration.

If you've been missing pub trivia, or raising a pint with pals (including pals you've just met), consider this at-home-but-from-a-distance gathering to be an enjoyable way to connect with others while getting to know a local brewery better, too.

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