Sip Your Shake, but First, Eat the Doughnut on Top

The limited-time treat may be found at Fat Sal's Deli.

Back in the day, oh, a decade or two ago, when a piece of maple-smoked bacon appeared in your Bloody Mary or a chimney stack of gourmet marshmallows atop your hot cocoa, you immediately whipped out your camera and documented the fabulous and unusual garnish for all of your various social media sites.

Oh wait. Hang on.

That common practice actually only truly started up a decade ago, in a very minimal way. But even before social media, you can bet that over-the-top beverage garnishes have always tickled those who prefer an outré, outlandish, go-the-distance drink experience.

If you're the kind of person who would invest in a garnish tree, and you wouldn't think twice about ordering a Michelada crowned with a small taco or burger, best get to your local Fat Sal's Deli before the end of March 2018, for the brand-new Coffee and Donuts Fat Shake.

We'll get to the toothsome milkshake ingredients in a moment, but, for now, let's talk about the garnish, which is a doughnut.

It's such a pure idea, so perfect in its sugary simplicity, that saying any more about it will only be drawing energy from its awesomeness.

A doughnut. As a milkshake garnish. Put that in your mind and your heart and be still for awhile, in contemplation.

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So what's in the milkshake? Coffee ice cream is the base, while chocolate syrup, ground espresso, and white & milk chocolate chips deliver the yummy zing. A zing further enhanced by the garnish above this all, which, as mentioned, is a doughnut.

Are you still sitting quietly with this information? Mulling it over? Good. It's an idea best considered in meditative, bite-sized chunks.

The final word? Garnishes really has gone to the full-sized food side of the sip-based spectrum, which is where they've been heading, at a serious speed, since the advent of social media.

The Coffee and Donuts Fat Shake price is $7.50, but doughnut, er, do not delay, rather: This goodie says goodbye at the close of March, as mentioned. Find your nearest Fat Sal's Deli now.

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