Skate Downtown on Christmas Day

Are you feeling naughty or ice? Spin around the rink at Pershing Square on the yuletide.

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What to Know

  • Through Jan. 20, 2020 (including Christmas and New Year's Day)
  • Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square
  • $9 admission, $5 skate rental

Deciding if you're actually naughty or nice can take some reflection, some deep pondering, and a whole lot of looking back upon all of your good deeds, and occasional misdeeds, too.

Deciding if you're naughty or ice? So much easier: You're ice, pure, skate-ready, rink-rocking ice, the glacial stuff that makes it fun to go fast, or at least at a proper pace.

And if you're feeling especially ice on the 25th of December, you can find your way to a frosty spot in DTLA, all to show off your spins, pirouettes, and dance moves, too.

For the Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square will be open on the yuletide, which means you can have a cool yule, in a few senses of the word.

The "cool" part? Skating at a seasonal ice rink is pretty darn cool, as is the fact that you're zipping beneath skyscrapers and such.

The other "cool" part? Ice rinks can be on the cooler side, so you'll get to show off your cutest winter wear, perhaps the adorable snowman sweater you found under the tree or by the menorah.


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You've got ten hours to toodle around the rink on Dec. 25, starting at 11:30 a.m., so tailor your arrival and departure to your other holiday comings and goings.

Or, better yet?

Round up everyone you expect to see and persuade them all to blade-up alongside you.

Can't make it downtown for a little winter Wednesday whimsy? Hooray and hurrah: The Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square is open daily, including on New Year's Day, through to Jan. 20, 2020.

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