Skele-tastic: Boney Island Tickets Now on Sale

The Sherman Oaks favorite is landing next to the Ghost Train in Griffith Park.

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What to Know

  • Oct. 11 through 31; select dates
  • Griffith Park
  • $15; $40 season pass

Look, total truth time: We all want to be well-liked, even popular, or at least respected, and to say otherwise is to tell a fib.

Sometimes, though, those warm feelings that people are sending in our direction can grow a bit too intense.

Take Boney Island, the Sherman Oaks yard haunt created by Rick Polizzi, an Emmy-winning producer for "The Simpsons."

The free attraction brimmed with all sorts of gleeful skeletons at play, and neighbors, friends of those neighbors, and people residing well outside of Sherman Oaks began visiting the not-too-scary spot in droves.

Seriously, droves. Or at least throngs.

And as the sweet, family-nice attraction neared its 20th anniversary, it had to shut off the skeleton-sweet lights, due to crowd control and safety issues.

But now the bone is back, and this time it is chuckling its macabre chuckle in Griffith Park, next to the Ghost Train.

Opening night for 2018? Oct. 11. Final night? Halloween. Tickets? Yes, there are now tickets to Boney Island, which had offered free admission over its 19-year run.

Moving to its new location, however, and all of the understandable needs such a jump would require being met, means that entry to Boney Island is $15.

Want a season pass? That's $40.

For a lively, we mean undeadly evening stroll that's a bit spooky, one that was long enjoyed for free by many Southern Californians, consider the just-introduced ticket price to be a kind way to help out a hard-working crew seeking to deliver a Halloween event with a lot of heart, community, and... spirit.

Tickets to Boney Island are now on sale, as of the morning of Sept. 8, so book your evening among the skeletons at their new address, in Griffith Park just a short walk from the Ghost Train.

Tickets for the Ghost Train, by the by? Also on sale, as of Sept. 1. Those tickets are separate from entry to Boney Island, do note, so book your ride now on the chiling and charming railroad.

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