Sleep — or Don’t — in the Queen Mary’s ‘Most Haunted Cabin’

Bookings for the storied and spooky Stateroom B340 will open on Friday, April 13.

Queen Mary

What to Know

  • Bookings open Friday, April 13
  • $499 starting price
  • Open again for reservations after several closed decades

If you're a phantom fan, and you follow all of the ghost-hunting shows and afterlife-tracking authors, then you likely know which rooms inside what hotels are said to be the ghostiest in all the phantom-filled land.

Even if you're not staying in that particular room, you can still walk by the door, and if you don't sense supernatural vibes flowing off the knob or door numbers or the door's very frame, you really do have to question whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool ghost fan. 

Or perhaps "died-in-the-ghoul" is more apt.

And if you don't know Stateroom B340, on that celebrated ghost boat in Long Beach, the Queen Mary, you're about to, lovers of the veil that lightly hangs between this world and the next: It's once again opening for ghost, er, guest bookings.

The date reservations will open? Why Friday the 13th, of course, as in April 13, 2018.

Stateroom B340 hasn't been offered to guests as an overnight stay since the 1980s, though "thousands" of guests have requested it over the years.

True, several cabins on the famed ocean-liner are said to come with their own in-room wraith, but Stateroom B340 has always been said to be the most "lively" — or "undeadly," perhaps — what with the middle-of-the-night door-knocking, the faucet in the bathroom turning on and off by an unseen hand, and lights suddenly shutting off, or turning on.

We didn't even mention the covers being pulled off the bed, because, well, eek. That's not normal, though it may be paranormal.

These reports are in the ship's logs, if you're wondering if they're just verbal, on-the-fly hearsay. Staffers have written these anecdotes and tales down over the years after guests boldly stepped forward to complain.

Er... Maybe not "complain," but rather compliment how proficient the ghost in Stateroom B340 seemed to be at his or her nightly job.

This spirited space was formerly three rooms, but a remodel has created one spacious suite. More room for that ghost to play in, is one benefit of a roomier room, in addition to more areas for your luggage.

Also? If you do book Stateroom B340, the Queen Mary will provide you a chest to complement your eerie overnight. A Ouija Board is in it, and tarot cards, and items that'll aid you on your ghost hunt.

The starting price? It's $499 a night, and those aren't ghost dollars, from a ghost bank, but rather mortal-world dollars earned on this side of the veil.

The reservations phone number is 877-342-0742.

Did you know that the Queen Mary is also home to some very skin-tingly ghost tours, too? Of course you do. You've been on all of them, multiple times, but there's still one ghostly get you haven't snagged: A stay in Stateroom B340.

That's all about to change, ghostians of Southern California. Here's your big and spooky get, starting on Friday the 13th.

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