Slider Show: Spooky Performers Make Noise

Venture to Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary on Nov. 1 for this singularly scary presentation.

If there was an awards show covering the creepy sights seen at the various haunted houses around Southern California during the Halloween season, what sort of categories would you expect to see?

Loudest scream by someone lost in a maze? Eeriest stare from a werewolf? Clankiest chain rattling by a ghost? Weirdest foggy hallway that leads to a dastardly den filled with phantom-like creatures?

It would be a pretty chilling red carpet, for sure.

But the red carpet will not be out on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. Rather, asphalt and hard outdoor surfaces will reign, for those are the ground-covering materials that sliders love to work with best, and the night will be all about those scary sliding artistes.

What's a slider? If you've ever seen a monstrously masked performer knee-slide up to you outside a haunted house, you've likely experienced a sudden startle. The sound is ear-rattingly metallic, thanks to the metal plates strapped to the performer's knees, and the slider's entrance is quick, adding to the eeks.

"Sliders Unite: Hell at the Harbor 2," a slider-spotlighting presentation set for Nov. 1 at Dark Harbor, will feature performers enacting "jaw-dropping tricks, high-speed slides, scares, and more" as they "...effortlessly and speedily move across the ground in synchronized patterns for a frightfully-fun choreographed performance."

True fact: Sliding requires great stamina, and athleticism, beyond the ability to give haunted house guests a startle or two.

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How to see this unusual skill in its full and freaky flower? Buy a ticket to Dark Harbor on the first of November, and be there for the 9:30 p.m. or 11:30 p.m. slider shows.

By the by, Nov. 1 is the final night of the Queen Mary scare-tacular's 2017 run. And "run" is an operative word when talking about a scare-tacular's slider team. They employ running, sliding, sound, and startle all to give thrill-seeking guests a few memorable outdoor moments.

But your back won't be turned on Nov. 1 should you attend the show: It's all about seeing, face-on, what some of the best sliders around can do.

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