Slurpee Day Is a No-Go, but 7-Eleven Has Other Savings

July 11, or 7/11, if you prefer, is typically the day to score a free frozen beverage. That's not happening in 2020, but 7-Eleven still has deals.


What to Know

  • July 11
  • Slurpee Day is canceled, but 7-Eleven is offering in-app deals
  • There's a $5 pizza deal, too, through the app

Free Slurpee Day?

It's an icily iconic occasion, but it doesn't appear pre-printed on calendars, or those page-a-day reminders, or the alerts on your phone.

And yet? You know that July 11 is when you can score a free small Slurpee at your local 7-Eleven, like you know your own name and birthday.

It's a cool-down holiday that's as much a part of our summer sip scene as lemonade stands and a brew by the barbecue, and Slurpee-ists eagerly await the arrival of 7/11, all to enjoy a frosty freebie and, yes, socialize with other Slurpee lovers in the line.

That's off in 2020, as you might have expected, due to the coronavirus. Repeat: Slurpee Day isn't happening, but you needn't be as blue as a blue Slurpee (which, yes, is technically a blue raspberry flavor, but then you know that).

The company, which started in Dallas close to a century ago, is marking its birthday month with a deal that wraps on July 11: Order through the 7NOW® Delivery app and score your complimentary Slurpee.

There's also a deal for a five-buck pizza through the app, and, yep, the deal ends on July 11.

There's also a free delivery code, good every July Saturday, and other birthday-month-y details to know about the app, free goodies, and such. You can peruse everything here.

It's hot out, and while we can daydream about sitting in a hot tub filled with our favorite Slurpee flavor today, we can't queue up for that free Slurpee Day giveaway.

But with the app, there are still savings to be had, Slurpee friends: Start here.

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