S'mores Day, the Smooshiest Celebration of the Year, Is Here

You don't need a campfire to honor this sticky celebration: Just find s'mores-inspired treats at spots like Pieology.

Douglas Sacha/Pieology/tatniz

What to Know

  • Aug. 10 is National S'mores Day
  • Pieology has a new S'mores Cookie, made by David's Cookies; available for a limited time at participating locations
  • Prices vary by location; there's an Instagram giveaway on Aug. 10, too

The s'more is possibly the most bewitching of all the traditional summer sweets, for it boasts something of a complex identity.

To begin with, some people call this treat a s'more (singular), while others go with s'mores, even if they're talking about an individual example of the dessert.

Deciding that both are correct?

We emphatically choose to do so, because there's no use getting heated over such a happy snack, a timeless confection that reliably delivers so much sticky-fingertip'd satisfaction.

It's also a goodie that requires assembly, a fact that adds to its unusual character.

And that it is simultaneously gooey, melty, smooshy, and even squishy, depending upon the size of the marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers? It all adds to the seasonal sweet's enduring mystique.

It's a mystique that hits new heights in the summer, which is the ultimate s'mores-savoring stretch, and specifically on Aug. 10, which is National S'mores Day.

If you don't have a campfire currently flickering nearby, the traditional cookstove of the s'more, and you feel like keeping the kitchen cool (because, yes, s'mores can also be created with the aid of indoor appliances), be cheered: Pieology has a new S'mores Cookie, made by David's Cookies.

Debuting just in time for the s'mores-iest day of the year, the new nosh includes a twist: Chocolate chip cookie dough. Oh yes, and Hershey's kisses, too.

You can buy them at your local Pieology (prices may vary by location), but if you want to try for a freebie on National S'mores Day, you can: The pizzas-and-more company has all of the delish details up on its Instagram.

However you celebrate Aug. 10, we're wishing you a squishy, gooey, and melty day, whether that day involves a campfire, a microwave, a restaurant dessert, or just the nice knowledge that we live in a wonderful world where s'mores wonderfully exist.

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