Snack (Don't Sip) on Sangria in Cupcake Form

Nosh on this summer-tasting sweet soon (before it is gone like a popular pitcher of sangria).

What foodstuff includes fruit on the regular?

We mean, the list is long, but if you went to the eats and sips that often sport strawberries and peaches and apples, you'd certainly find both cupcakes and sangria there.

And yet? The dessert and the drink don't often make the same Venn diagram, nor intersect in any other real way.

For cupcakes are often the province of school parties and birthday bashes while sangria reigns supreme when it comes to sitting on a warm porch on a Saturday afternoon in August.

But those August adult vibes have met the frosting-covered confection at Sprinkles Cupcakes, which is offering a Sangria Cupcake through Friday, Aug. 16.

The cake itself? It's a "fragrant" orange, with a pocket of Sangria-tasty jam in the middle. Another fruit makes a showing, though, on the pocket-sized goodie (though, of course, don't put it in your pocket). It's lemon, which is present in the frosting.

Show up at your local Sprinkles with a fiver, plus another couple of ones, for this Sangria sweet is $4.95 to $5.95, depending upon which bakery you visit.

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Is this summer in cake form? Sangria may not be the official drink of the season — it does, after all, have some serious competitors in lemonade, slushies of all kinds, and icy beer — but it does rule many an easygoing August afternoon.

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