Snoopy, Spins, Skyscrapers: Downtown Rink Debuts

The Holiday Ice Rink's two-month-run at Pershing Square features special events and daily skating.

Holiday Ice Rink

Staying in your pajamas and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a long-running must-do, whether you live in New York or elsewhere.

If you fell into the "elsewhere" category as a kid, though, you probably experienced some extreme pangs of envy over some of the big balloons, like Snoopy. The short of it? You couldn't quite believe that all of those lucky New York kids got to see one of your favorite characters, in person, right there, jealous jealous jealous.

But Snoopy calls upon downtown Los Angeles each holiday season, too, and while he isn't in giant inflated balloon form, he performs some pretty nifty feats at the Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square. Seeing Snoopy skate is now something of a long-running must-do, too, for SoCal kids, and skate he shall on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The pirouetting pooch is only one ornament on this particular tree, as skating buffs will soon find out. Very soon, in fact: The Pershing Square rink leaps into its 18th year on Thursday, Nov. 12.

While daily skating through Jan. 18 will be what most people participate in, there are a slew of sparkly special happenings, as always. The Winter Holiday Festival on Saturday, Dec. 5 includes real snow to play in, entertainment-y happenings, music, and other stuff made for putting a proverbial marshmallow in your proverbial cocoa.

A Polar Bear Skate on Jan. 1 welcomes the new year in a brrrr-filled fashion.

And DJ spotlight nights will up the rink's rockin' style (a little bass adds oomph to an axel).

Look, LA would never dare call dibs on Snoopy at the holidays, not with his decades-old ties to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Both cities can share the flappy-eared icon come the yuletide season, is what we're saying, and whether Snoopy's shaped like a balloon or he's skating a duet in Pershing Square, it is all as sweet as pumpkin pie.

For rental prices, times, and that aforementioned slew of sparkly events, knot your laces and spin over to the Holiday Ice Rink schedule.

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