‘SOAR' to Flutter This Fall at South Coast Botanic Garden

The migration of the Monarch butterfly is at the important heart of this outdoor celebration.

Claude LeTien

What to Know

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, 2021
  • $5 members, up to $22 for non-members (garden admission is included); general tickets available Sept. 22

If you ever caught an orange-y, ultra-pretty, quickity-quick flash of a flutterby butterfly while you were running to the store, walking the dog, or heading to the playground, you might have paused to behold the winged insect's beauty.

But here's what you and the tiny creature have in common: You've both got places to be.

You're on your gotta-rush way to the playground or grocery store, and the Monarch? They're migratory by nature, which means that they could be on their own important way somewhere, even if it seems, to your eyes, that they've found a few fabulous flowers where they intend to stay.

To celebrate the migratory spirit of these iconic flyers, and to learn more about the seasonal movements of these superstars of the air, the South Coast Botanic Garden will host a happening devoted to the Monarch butterfly's on-the-move ways.

"SOAR — Monarch Migration" will alight at the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination beginning on Oct. 1, 2021.

You'll learn the story behind why the Monarchs migrate, what their journeys involve, and, yes, how some non-Monarch butterflies might prove to be impressive mimics (and how to tell the difference).

A milkweed-lush garden will play a central part in the display, but it won't be solely about the plants the verdant destination has chosen; the exhibit will also offer visitors information on how to draw the flittering, fluttering, dazzle-darting Western Monarch to their own yards.

"While we want to bring exciting and fun experiences to our Members and community, it's even better when those experiences also provide education," says Adrienne Nakashima, Chief Executive Officer of South Coast Botanic Garden.

"The Monarch butterfly is a beloved member of our Garden, flying freely throughout our 87 acres. To be able to further educate the community about this beautiful species while providing a magical experience for all ages, well, that's representative of everything the Garden strives to be."

Are you a Monarch maven, or someone who is doing an initial flutter through the world of this airy icon?

Get your ticket to the falltime to-do, which will bring some of the sweetness of a spring outdoor gathering to the mellowness of an autumn event. Tickets go on sale to the general public on, flutter flutter, Sept. 22.

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