SoCal Food with a Side of April Foolin'

Hey, wait a minute: Is Farmer Boys really selling a Burgerless Burger?

What to Know

  • Monday, April 1
  • Local eateries are teasing fans on social media with a host of not-real offerings
  • Pink's hot dog cocktail, a Burgerless Burger at Farmer Boys...

Happy April Foods' Day, er, we mean April Fools' Day.

It's a day full of "heyyyyy," that's for sure.

Because when we see a favorite restaurant post on social media about a brand-new dish, one that seems a little too offbeat, but maybe kind of edible, we automatically have to pause, ponder, and then go "heyyyyy," as if to say "well, you got me."

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And a few Southern California eateries are in full mirthful swing as April 2019 begins.

Look to Farmer Boys, the based-in-Riverside chain which is known for its super-savory fare. But will the Burgerless Burger catch on? Which is, essentially, a bun, a few pickles, some Thousand Island dressing, and onions?

Well, it probably won't, because, yep, it is a joke.

Although asking for "no burger patty but cheese please" when ordering at a quick-stop burgerie is a time-honored tradition for SoCal meat-skippers. 

So yeah: We had to pause over this one.

Another burger bastion claimed, on April 1, that it is going totally vegan. Slater's 50/50, a SoCal staple, is known for its bacon-beef patties, so, no, this is just some joshing, although there is a real and actual Vegan Shroomin' Onion Burger available through June 30.

Pink's Hot Dogs is in on the holiday high-jinks-y fun too, oh yes. Is that cocktail-style slushie with a naked frankfurter garnish real? Is a glass rim lined with ketchup and mustard a thing?

Pink's, you're pulling our leg, we just know it.

As for the garlic meringue-chocolate confection posted on The Pie Hole's social pages? We mean, we could almost get on board with this spicy sweet, given that we do live in California, home to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, a place that is celebrated for its garlicky desserts.

Alas, you will not receive a whole bulb of garlic atop your next pie slice, nor a slice that appears to be mostly garlic. 

Is your favorite diner dishing it out on April 1? Did you almost believe, for a second, that some weird new drink or meal was on its whimsical way?

Happy April Foods' Day, everyone.

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