SoCal High School Students Can Roll Through a ‘Prom on Wheels'

The Costa Mesa drive-thru experience, which will feature "epic audio and visual displays," is from the team behind Night of Lights OC.

First Class Events

What to Know

  • OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa
  • Mid-April through June 2021 (select nights)
  • High schools throughout Southern California are invited to reserve specific nights or time slots

Springtime's classic celebrations are a delight to return to, each and every year, but there's one party that is synonymous with revelers who happen to be a certain age.

It's prom, the get-dressy, pose-for-pictures, wear-a-corsage-or-boutonnière bash that has been a nighttime rite of high school for seniors, and sometimes juniors, too, for decades.

Prom is changing in the spring of 2021, much like it did in the early days of the pandemic.

There's still a chance, though, for teenagers to safely make a lasting memory, one that involves the lights, tunes, and sheer over-the-top-a-tude that are so often woven through a classically staged prom.

The shimmer-fun Night of Lights OC producers have teamed up with First Class Events to bring Prom on Wheels to the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa for an in-your-car experience created for the high school students of Southern California.

Running from the middle of April to June, over select nights, the "... outdoor, one-mile immersive drive-thru prom celebration" will be "... filled with epic audio and visual displays, live performances and entertainment, while being in compliance with all county, state and health department guidelines."

A new twist that sets this event apart from other destinations that have popped up on the recent drive-thru scene? High schools can book specific dates, giving students a chance to take in the glittery goings-on on the same evening.

A Red Carpet tunnel, a tunnel of disco balls, a DJ, special effects aplenty, and a photo at the conclusion are some of the turn-it-up touchstones teens will find at the drive-thru.

Cookies, pizza, and other treats may be ordered for in-car munching, too.

"We are so excited to offer an incredible experience for high school students to enjoy their prom this year. As we all know, last year there was no prom and we wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again by offering a unique, safe and fun alternative!" said Hollie Keeton, president of First Class Events.

"This multi-million-dollar production is sure to give kids a true prom experience that touches on all the key elements of a traditional prom plus something very unique that they will remember forever."

The cost? It's $79 per car, which may include up to four passengers.

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