SoCal Museum Free Days: Get the Chart

Did the Museums Free-for-All Day make you long for more gratis entry? You can find it on the regular.


When oodles of art-appreciating Southern Californians spend a chilly January Saturday enjoying some of the best regional institutions for free, it can be rather extra-chilly to see such a day conclude.

But conclude Museums Free-for-All Day must. The once-a-year gratis event from SoCal Museums just wrapped at the close of the month, but before it bid adieu it gave everyone the chance to revisit a favorite institution or discover a new place that, one day, might also become a favorite. All for, you got it, free.

That's not where the freeness ends, however. True, true, there's only a single day, or weekend, rather, where several museums waive admission fees, but those same spots that participated in Museums Free-for-All Day also observe a free day, or free afternoon, during the month, depending upon the day of the week and a few other specifics.

True, true, a chart brimming with dots and days isn't quite as easy-breezy as simply knowing a bunch of cultural and art destinations will be free at the same time, but this handy grid from SoCal Museums'll get you off and running in no time on the saving-money front. 

For example, a quick glance reveals that Kidspace Children's Museum is free on the first Tuesday afternoon of the month. And USC Pacific Asia Museum? It's visit-for-free date is the second Sunday of the month.

It's a snap to use, and, if you line everything up right, you can almost make Museums Free-for-All Day a permanent and monthly way of life. Nothing to pay at the door, but so very much to gain in terms of looking and admiring and being challenged and being brain- and spirit-invigorated.

Can't quite get over Museums Free-for-All Day yet? We get it, but here's what you do while waiting for the next one: Hop on the many free days, and afternoons, that our regional museums offer each and every thirty days, and sometimes more frequently. Meaning? There's a slew of always-free museums on the roster.

Oh yeah. "Always-free" is pretty nifty, too.

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