SoCal Nice: Giving Tuesday

Want to lend some love to a local org? Dec. 2 is a fine day to do so.

The marvelous things about Giving Tuesday, that most marvelous and magnanimous of the Thanksgiving-adjacent spend and/or socialize "holidays," are as plentiful as ornaments on a tree, an image that makes it easy to remember that it very often falls in December.

Dec. 2 is the date this go-around, and the directive is simple: Lend a hand, or some funds, or what you can, to the organization or charity or museum or group of your choosing. It's the last day of the holiday weekend Black Wednesday-to-Cyber Monday run, which feels fitting.

If this were a script, the coming-together bit would naturally come at the conclusion. Hollywood, where's the Giving Tuesday movie? No, really.

So what Southern California organizations are participating? Well, all of them; a group doesn't have to post Giving Tuesday's memorable #unselfie photos to its social media page to be a part of the love. If you want to give to a place you like, do so, on Dec. 2 or when you can.

But here's a SoCal start:

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank: Can $25,000 be reached on Giving Tuesday? The organization has this goal in mind, an amount which will ultimately raise funds for food for 100,000 people. The Food Bank is encouraging active social media use on Dec. 2, to spread the good word.

The Skirball Cultural Center: Do you support spending with a purpose? So does "one of the world's most dynamic Jewish cultural institutions." Educational programs at the Sepulveda center are supported by donations, and other areas of The Skirball.

Best Friends Animal Society: The LA chapter of this love-on-animals organization is involved in some of our area's biggest adoption pushes, and with No Kill Los Angeles. Want to help a bevy of beastie-oriented programs covering spaying, sheltering, and more? Bark this way.

Santa Monica Conservancy: A number of historic-minded and preservation-loving groups around the region remind the public that memberships and donations do much to keep our stories, buildings, and memories intact. Have a group in your area, say Santa Monica? Here's your chance to show support.

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