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SoCal Only: McDonald's Taste Crafted Menu

Nosh on the Guacamole Pico, Maple Dijon, or another flavor/sandwich combo.

Variety? You might have heard, along the way, that it is the spice of life.

It turns out that it is also the spice of a certain new menu of a certain well-known restaurant that sports a certain pair of golden arches. Indeed, we speak of McDonald's, a variety-focused menu that puts the choices, and combinations, in the customer's court.

It's called Taste Crafted Burgers and Chicken Menu, a new addition to some 600 SoCal-area McDonald's that focuses on "variety and customization" via "four flavor bundles."

Is this currently special to our region, for the time being? Indeed. It is "Just for SoCal McDonald's fans," shares the Southern California McDonald's Twitter.

Those bundles can be paired up with different proteins and different buns and bingo: You've built a sammie according to your favorite tastes, or at least the hankering you're having at that moment.

Before you find yourself standing at the counter, a mite overwhelmed, it is best to break down the mixables into three distinct choices.

One: The proteins, which include "100% USDA inspected beef, Buttermilk Crispy Chicken or Artisan Grilled Chicken. Two: What goes around the protein, or on both top and bottom, at least. The choices are "sesame seed bun, potato roll or artisan roll."

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And three? The flavors. Think Maple Bacon Dijon, Pico Guacamole, and Buffalo Bacon."

Not only is our region the spot where the Taste Crafted menu is currently unfurling, but there are related prizes to be on the look-out for. How to possibly score one? Keep tabs on @McDonalds_SoCal.

Who will be the first SoCaler to try all the proteins and all the buns and all the flavors in all the possible combinations? McDonald's and "firsts" have a long-running relationship -- the first customer to visit every McDonald's in the nation, the first burger you had at the first McDonald's, and so forth -- so we can only imagine some golden arches aficionado has already begun their savory quest.

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