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SoCal Organizations Are in the Spotlight on Giving Tuesday

Show your support for local charities, cultural institutions, and community-essential groups on the first day of December 2020.

Carol Yepes

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Dec. 1
  • A number of places have matching programs, which gives people a chance to double their donation
  • Several groups are looking for food and clothing donations as well

When we look back at 2020, from some vantage point far in the future, we'll likely remember the challenges of staying connected in a six-feet-apart world.

But it isn't just the aspects of physical distancing that will linger in the memories of our futures selves; we'll recall that those organizations that have long been bolstered and uplifted by community participation, at least prior to 2020, also felt the sudden distance, quite keenly and even painfully in many ways.

If you've been hoping to reconnect with a local charity, the sort of give-back group that helps Southern California in myriad ways, during an era of apparent disconnection, the first day of December is a prime time to do so.

For that's Giving Tuesday, a generous-of-spirit celebration that traditionally follows Thanksgiving each year.

Is your gratitude still glowing? Then send some of that glow to places around town that would love your help, support, and consideration.

Project Angel Food, Los Angeles Mission, AIDS Project Los Angeles, CicLAvia, and Pasadena Humane are just five of the organizations with deep local roots, but there are so many more.

Several places will match donations made on Tuesday, Dec. 1, so be sure to research that aspect before you donate. And several companies, too, offer to match donations, so follow that route, and find out, before you give what you can.

And it isn't just about needed funds, though those remain incredibly important, especially at the close of this most trying year.

Clothing, food, electronics, toiletries, bedding and other items are the wish lists of several Southern California agencies.

What place have you been wanting to reconnect with as 2020 draws to a close?

It can seem like this has been a year of far-reaching disconnection, but, really, that is temporary and easily addressed.

Find that connecting point again, on Giving Tuesday, by letting a dear-to-your-heart charity, one that has long helped the people of Southern California, know you care.

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