SoCal Sizzle: Keep Cool in the Humid Heat

The mercury is creeping up; find a chill spot to find relief.

There's no truth to the rumor that if you repeat the words "El Niño" over and over an unusual weather occurrence appears outside your home, as if summoned there by mysterious forces.

But El Niño is in the headlines and Southern California has seen some unusual weather in the past few weeks, from the uncommon thunderstorm to humidity levels that have locals comparing LA to every other city known for moist air.

Saying "but it's a dry heat" has not been the SoCaler's standard go-to response this summer, in short.

So with early August on the way, and promised high temperatures paired with a mugginess not typically felt around this region, where will people retreat to to find needed relief? The indoor Rain Room headed for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art isn't open yet, but you can strap on your blades and make for...

THE OC FAIR: Nighttime ice skating -- and daytime ice skating, too -- is just one of the options at the Costa Mesa carnival, and for sure a popular one. Even the name of the attraction is cooling: Fairenheit 32°. You can rent your ice skates there if your own pair is stowed (or, being a SoCaler, you don't have ice skates). Whether mittens are required is up to you, but we'd let the cool scene wash over us, as much as possible.

THE PAGE MUSEUM: You've likely seen the banners around town for "Titans of the Ice Age," the new 3D experience at the bone-filled institution next to the La Brea Tar Pits. True, it is cool, temperature-wise, in the museum, but the stunner of a short film will whisk you back to the icy climes once ruled by mammoths. Think of it like visiting snow, thousands of years ago, with a fascinating educational component.

DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE: Does your child know all the words to "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" Of course? So much so they correct you if you flub a line? Many a "Frozen"-loving family knows this experience. You can practice, alongside your wee "Frozen" fan, at Disneyland Resort, which has a several-times-a-day "Frozen" sing-along. Ice, snow, cold castles, and other imagery, along with Elsa and Anna sightings, reign.

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LA COUNTY POOLS: If you simply want to hang out in the shallow end, in a giant hat, while weathering the weather, dozens of swimming holes 'round the county are keeping busy hours. Here's your list -- there's one surely not far from you.

Stay cool, SoCal, and as unsoggy, in the clothing department, as you can. Of course, high humidity generally has the last laugh in the sticky shirts and clinging tees department, however hard we might protest.

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