SoCal's Delicious Dodgers Doughnuts Are a Home Run

Looking for a filling and festive goodie that pairs well with the cooler days ahead? Here are your baseball bites.

Bel Air Branding & Erica M. Allen/The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Primo's Donuts is at 2918 Sawtelle; Dodger Doughnuts are $2.25
  • The Donut Man is located at 915 E. Route 66 in Glendora and Grand Central Market in DTLA; Dodger Doughnuts are $3.50 each
  • The popular doughnuts can sell out, so arriving earlier in the day is key

Classic ballpark foods are nearly too numerous to name in one quick go, but if you just shouted out "hot dog" and "popcorn" and "French fries" and "ice cream," well, you'd definitely be in the right ballpark.

There is another food, however, that feels right for devouring adjacent to a diamond, even if you don't always find it at the stadium concession stands: the doughnut.

Absolutely, you do see doughnuts, and other forms of fried pastries, at baseball games, but they haven't quite topped the frankfurter nor bags of peanuts for sports-snacking fame.

But here's the thing about doughnuts: Not only are they a foodstuff that have a general look of a baseball, thanks to their size and circular nature, but they're just the sort of treat we want to eat when it is time for the World Series.

Because fall and frosting-luscious doughnuts? That's a pairing that feels as perfect as yellow mustard on a soft, white bun.

And to help us connect with these batter-up bites now that the weather is turning a little cooler? A couple of places around town are pitching us some pretty amazing sweets, all to watch the World Series by.

It almost goes without saying, but say it, we happily will: Both treats are themed to the Dodgers.

Look for doughnuts that say "LA" and "Go Dodgers" at both locations of The Donut Man (so Glendora and Grand Central Market in DTLA).

And at Primo's Donuts on Sawtelle? The Dodger Doughnuts are covered in icing that resembles the stitching on baseball (and, yep, "LA" is also large and lovely, too).

Something extra nice?

"Ralph Primo Sr. will be celebrating his 90th birthday during the World Series and thinks a Dodgers win would be the perfect gift," says the doughnut-famous company, which will open a second location in the former Stan Donuts in Westwood before the year wraps.

You can also go for a plain doughnut or choose a jelly-filled goodie.

Good to know for both places? These doughnuts are popular, and do sell out, so arrive early in the day or call ahead to make sure they have some in stock.

Go Dodgers, and go for doughnuts, a fantastic fall treat that both warms the cockles and is, above all other eats, very baseball-like in appearance.

No throwing your doughnuts, though, or using them for batting practice. They're best eaten and enjoyed while we back the Blue from home.

Pictured: Primo's Donuts (L) and The Donut Man (R)

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