SoCal's ‘Largest Gingerbread Display' Is on Its Spicy Way

A confection-amazing competition is in the works, and other flavorful happenings, too, at Discovery Cube OC and LA.

What to Know

  • Discovery Cube OC and LA
  • Exhibit dates: Nov. 29, 2019-Jan. 5, 2020
  • Gingerbread competition entry dates: Enter through Dec. 8

Would you call gingerbread, on the whole, more sweet or more spicy?

It's a question that can truly put you in a real pickle.

For fans of the festive foodstuff have Very Real Feelings about the tasty topic, and you just might need to sit down as your gingerbread-obsessed bud lectures you on the topic of the properties of ginger and such.

In short? It's a holidaytime treat with depth, and height, too, if you're talking about the structures most associated with the snack. For we don't build bon bon buildings, nor snickerdoodle huts, but we do tend to construct lots and lots of gingerbread houses.

To celebrate this fact, and to delve into the joys of gingerbreadiana, Discovery Cube OC and Discovery Cube LA will again present the oh-so-popular "The Science of Gingerbread."

The multi-week exhibit, which opens at both educational museums, debuts on Nov. 29, 2019.

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A host of whimsical and STEM-oriented activities, including the chance to invent a super-fast vehicle to help the Gingerbread Man make its infamous getaway, will play a part in the engaging exhibit.

And on weekends? You can join the Tallest Edible Tower Challenge, "where groups will compete to build a tower using edible items!"

You say you want to throw your gingerbread house into the competition ring this year? And by "throw" we mean "enter," because you'd never actually throw a work of art you spent several hours creating, art that is known to crumble quite easily?

Enter now, but act fast: The window for entries closes on Dec. 8, 2019.

Missing that window might make anyone a little spicy in temperament. Which leads us back to our original question: Is gingerbread spicy or sweet?

It's super both-y, we say, for this treat is as complex and fascinating as holidaytime offerings come. Why not celebrate it at Discovery Cube OC and Discovery Cube LA?

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