SoCal's Newest Shake Shack Opens Today

Find the burgers-and-more eatery in Canoga Park, but note that hours are currently limited.

Shake Shack

What to Know

  • Monday, June 8
  • 6443 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
  • 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily; limited seating

A burger buff can crave their favorite food with some frequency, but if you're among the food fans who like the hearty offering created a certain way, chances are you long for a particular style of burger.

And since 2004, that "particular style of burger" for a lot of people has meant a Shake Shack burger.

True, the company started out first in the hot dog game, just a year or so into the millennium, but it moved to hamburgers in 2004.

Of course, you needed to be in New York City to know about the flavorful Madison Square Park phenomenon, but that changed in 2016, at least for Southern Californians, when Shake Shack arrived in West Hollywood.

It has continued to flourish over the last four years, with the newest Shack debuting in Canoga Park on Monday, June 8.

The Topanga Shake Shack, which joins locations in DTLA, Glendale, and around the world, where there are now over 280 restaurants, "... will be operating with limited hours with a focus on safety."

Seating, too, will be limited in observance of safety protocols.

The restaurant was slated for an opening in early 2020, but construction was put on hold due to the coronavirus closures.

The new Shake Shack is participating in Stand for Something Good. For every meal ordered at the Canoga Park eatery on opening day, the company is donating to Baby2Baby, an organization that " ...has been working around the clock providing basic necessities, including meals, to children and families impacted by COVID-19."

Feel like doing the whole Shake Shack thing at home? Purchase the DIY Shackburger Kit, which has everything you need to make an octet of classic burgers in your own kitchen.

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