SoCal's Peachiest Time of Year Is Flavorfully Flowering

Sprinkles Cupcakes has a limited-time treat inspired by peach pie, while Fosselman's Fresh Peach ice cream is back.

Sprinkles Cupcakes/Fosselman's Ice Cream

What to Know

  • Peach Pie cupcakes are available at Sprinkles Cupcakes through June 13
  • Fosselman's Ice Cream in Alhambra has Fresh Peach in the case
  • Tanaka Farms is offering Masumoto peaches for pre-order (limited availability)

Celebrating the stone fruits?

We do so throughout the calendar, whether we're opening a jar of nectarine jam or adding some apricot syrup to a buttery stack of flapjacks.

But June is when one of the superstars of stone-fruit-dom comes into its fuzzy-of-skin, tender-of-texture own. It's the peach, and it is popping up, both in its purest peachy form and in delectable desserts, around Los Angeles.

A major sign that the peachiest stretch of the calendar has arrived? When Tanaka Farms announces that delectable Masumoto peaches are available for order.

The Irvine agricultural icon made that reveal at the end of May 2021, but keep in mind that supply has traditionally been limited.

If you want to dig deeper into this delight, there are also two peach-perfect books for purchase: "The Perfect Peach: Recipes and Stories from the Masumoto Family Farm" & "Epitaph for a Peach" by David Mas Masumoto.

Find out more, fruit fans, at the Tanaka Farms site.

Adding to this fragrant and sweet moment? The Peach Pie cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes, which is available for either local delivery, or for in-shop pick-up, through June 13.

The peaches included in this limited-time treat? They're scented with cinnamon, adding extra oomph, and sweet spice, to the summer's-coming confection.

There are Sprinkles in several spots around Southern California, including Glendale and Beverly Hills.

And the profound peach-a-tude continues at Fosselman's Ice Cream in Alhambra, which has been making scoopable, cone-top-able goodies for several decades.

The beloved parlor recently announced that its Fresh Peach ice cream is back, along with Watermelon Sorbet, if that's your preference.

But wouldn't a scoop of the watermelon-wonderful sorbet and a scoop of Fresh Peach ice cream, together in one cup, be a bit like having June itself for dessert?

Enjoy both, while they're in the Fosselman's case, and before peach season fades.

That won't happen too soon, though, and take cheer in this thought: The Donut Man's super-famous peach doughnuts tend to make their return around July each year.

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