SoCal's Spooky Treats Keep Us Hauntingly Happy

Horchata, cupcakes, posh pumpkin bars, and candy-cool shakes are filling our dessert-based daydreams this fall.

Playa Provisions/Juice It Up!/Compartés Chocolatier/Fosselman's Ice Cream

What to Know

  • From shakes to cakes, sweet shops around town have autumn-themed and/or Halloween goodies
  • Playa Provisions has a host of eeky eats, while a horchata smoothie recently debuted at Juice It Up
  • Look for a spiced pumpkin chocolate bar at Compartés Chocolatier and Fosselman's has a candy-yummy Trick or Treat Shake

If you had to add a "4evr" to a particular candy, sweet, shake, or cake, which treat would earn your love?

The kind of intense love that says that you intend to consume this particular confection for, well, ever?

Come October, our 4evr-ing gets harder and vaster, if only because there are so many temptations to choose from.

And these goodies?

They grow by the year, giving us fresh choices each fall.

So, for sure, we're very much on Team Snack-Sized Chocolate Bar 4evr, and Team Candy Corn 4evr, too, but we're always on the lookout for luscious new offerings and those favorites that return to Southern California sweet shops for a few weeks each year.

In 2020 those include...

Playa Provisions, which has several just-unveiled yummies on its October menu. A five-dollar Pumpkin Dream Bar, a "creamy frozen pumpkin bar dipped in white chocolate," is available through the end of November, while $4 Ghost Cupcakes will haunt our taste buds from Oct. 19-31.

Juice It Up is spotlighting a new Horchata Smoothie, but only for a limited time (get yours before 2020 wraps). What's in this sippable symphony of cinnamon-creamy goodness? Prepare for a "... cool and refreshing blend of almond milk, nonfat yogurt, dates, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds."

Fosselman's Ice Cream in Alhambra knows that Twix and KitKat, when enjoyed together, make for a sublime experience. But what if those classic candies starred inside a Trick or Treat Shake made with Fosselman's famous ice cream? Sublimeness squared. Shakes and malts begin at $6.15 at the Main Street parlor.

Compartés Chocolatier has taken our pumpkin spice longings and created a bar of white chocolate, one that is flush with the subtle spiciness of the season. This chocolate bar, but for pumpkin people, is $9.95.

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