Sock Skating Is Ready to Spin at Kidspace's ‘Winter Frolic'

A colorful cavalcade of holiday to-dos will festoon the Pasadena children's museum, including the chance for youngsters to "skate" in their socks.

Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • "Winter Frolic" at Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena
  • Opens Nov. 19, 2021
  • $14.95 adult; $14.95 children ages 1 through 18; $12.95 senior; sock skating is an additional $5; tickets are timed and advance reservations are required

Outdoor rinks of the iciest variety will soon add frozen fun to Southern California's landscape, giving revelers the chance to scarf-up and practice their blade-based pirouettes.

But a different sort of holiday rink is playfully popping up outside Kidspace Children's Museum, and it doesn't involve steel under your feet but rather cozy, snuggly, and ultra-cute socks.

That's right: Sock skating, the time-honored, slide-down-a-slick-hallway pursuit, is one of the centerpiece activities at whooshing into "Winter Frolic" at the Pasadena educational institution.

If you and your tots are keen to enter the socky rink, you'll want to arrive with your own pair, since rinkside sock rentals aren't a thing (at this point in time, anyway).

Younger sock-rocking skaters are very much welcome in the sock skating arena — the rink was created with children in mind — but parents can take to the attraction, too, as long as they're sporting stockings on their own tootsies, and they've purchased a ticket.

There are other fun and fanciful times to be had at "Winter Frolic," which includes a station that's all about decorating snowflakes, the chilly chance to build with "ice" blocks (which actually are only icy in appearance), and storytimes that boast holiday themes and characters.

Tickets to "Winter Frolic" are timed, and the sock skating is a separate ticket, priced at five dollars.

And if you want to check out the indoor exhibits? Those are open, too, including the oh-so-popular "Sssentational Sssnakes" area.

Best locate your liveliest feet coverings, whether they're woolly 'n warm or cotton 'n cool, and book your ticket to this Rose Bowl-close whimsy, which opens on Nov. 19.

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