South Coast Botanic Garden Launches Longer Hours, Dog Walks

The vast garden on the Palos Verde Peninsula has extended its daily schedule. Also? Pups will be able to visit (on particular days).

South Coast Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • Now open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily
  • Evening dog walks will happen every second and fourth Wednesday through August
  • Advance reservations are a must for all visitors

The weather?

It's hovering between "way more than warm" and "just this side of hot" as June rolls on, which means that Southern Californians are seeking sunshiny and safe ways to commune with nature.

And one of the nicest ways to find that outdoorsy experience, while remaining closer to home, is to locate a botanical garden that is observing open hours.

Not all of our regional gardens are there quite yet, following the pandemic closures, but South Coast Botanic Garden on the Palos Verde Peninsula is welcoming guests.

You'll need to wear a cloth mask, and observe some new policies, so brushing up before you go roam the 87-acre expanse, which is famous for a beautiful Banyan Grove and a number of massive Moreton Bay Figs trees, is key.

But also key? Keeping on top of the changes and new offerings. Hours were just extended at the garden, on June 8, from 8 a.m. to 8 in the evening. That means you can saunter as the sun goes down, and soak up some twilight magic.

Also? A chance to visit with your Fido is back. No, this isn't the full-scale Dogs' Day, which woofed for the first time ever in January 2020, but pooches will be invited in, with their people, on June 10.

The hours? Five o'clock through to 8 p.m., do note. And, for sure: Advance reservations are a must.

And if you can't make the June 10 event, there's no need for your tail to droop: Dog-themed evenings will return throughout the summer to the garden, on every second and fourth Wednesday.

Dash in this direction and find out more about the limited but lovely offerings at the garden as it continues to welcome visitors in a safe and mindful way this summer.

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