Spend $10, Enjoy a Half Day of New Music

Noon to Midnight brings a variety of "top new-music ensembles" to Walt Disney Concert Hall.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 18
  • $10
  • Over a dozen top-notch new music ensembles will perform

What all can you do in a half day? Say, from noonish to midnight on a Saturday?

You could probably watch 2.75 movies, eat two relaxed meals, fold all of your laundry, visit the dog park, call your aunt, and return home to catch the last 20 minutes of the film you didn't finish.

It's a hefty chunk of minute-filled, second-packed time-space, and that time-space seems even more precious when it falls on a weekend day, when our minutes become golden and the hours are our treasures.

Pouring lots of live new music goodness into our treasures, then — er, our hours — over the wide expanse of a Saturday afternoon, and evening, seems like a truly noble, spirit-raising, thought-deepening pursuit.

And that there's an event just ahead where the live new music is only $10 to see/hear/absorb? And that's not ten bucks per act, but for the whole cultural caboodle?

Well, it can make a person feel as happy as a pup arriving at the dog park, or nearly, at least.

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That's just what is happening at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Saturday, Nov. 18 when Noon to Midnight returns, bringing with it a line-up of interesting, challenging, personal, and memorable tunes played on violins, trombones, and a host of instruments.

The performances are a bit pop-up in nature, and you're invited to "roam," so this isn't a glued-to-your-seat-for-hours situation. It's all very easy and squeezy and deeply Saturday in nature.

It really is $10, and the time frame? It's in the name, ish, though pushing from noon to midnight is up to you (you'll want to review the performance schedule and artists).

Food trucks and brews will be part of the day, so perhaps pack your pocket with a couple of extra tenners beyond the one you'll require for a ticket. 

Actually, you should consider buying your ticket in advance. 

Note that there are two separately ticketed "War of the Worlds" performances at noon and 2 p.m., but if you buy a ticket to one of those, you'll get into Noon to Midnight, too.

And the artists on the Noon to Midnight roster? Look/listen for Hocket, Rage Thrombones, LA Signal Lab, and more, more, more.

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