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Spend Earth Day in a Kelp Forest

Well, virtually, of course. The California Science Center has a midday treat for ocean-obsessed kids and grown-ups in store.

California Science Center

What to Know

  • Wednesday, April 22
  • Noon
  • Free talk via livestream; kelp, rock shores, sea bass, and sea stars are the focus

The strong connections that exist between ecosystems, threading through our world, the beings that call our world home, and how everything impacts everything else, is a topic that rightly remains at the forefront of scientific study.

And it doesn't even take Earth Day to remind us why understanding this wider web is so important.

But we can take time on April 22 each year to delve deeper into what makes our home turf tick, while observing specific segments in a more thorough fashion.

California Science Center will do exactly that on Earth Day 2020, when Dr. Chuck Kopczak, Curator of Life Sciences at the Exposition Park museum, will take a dive into ocean-big matters.

California Science Center is temporarily closed in response to COVID-19, but is sharing plenty of at-home to-dos for families via social media.

Dr. Kopczak will visit the center's beautiful Kelp Forest at noon on April 22, all to give an all-ages talk on ecosystems, the story of kelp, and what's happening with the giant sea bass, a critically endangered species.

But the Kelp Tank won't be the only ecosystem in the Earth Day spotlight. The curator will also touch upon kelp forests' neighbor, the rocky shore, and the amazing critters that live adjacent to the waves, like the predatory sea star, another endangered animal.

The question that remains, and one that may prompt discussion at home: "What can we do to help these environments?"

Taking a big bite of the Earth on Earth Day might momentarily overwhelm, but if we consider specific ecosystems, and their role in the larger picture, and the role we humans play, the road ahead doesn't seem quite so daunting.

Catch the free livestream at noon on the California Science Center's web site.

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